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The Principle of 18


New Book Offers Groundbreaking Alternative to Standard Career Advice Based On Life’s Natural Cycles and 5 Consecutive 18-Year Phases

The Principle of 18 by CEO and career coach Eyal Danon Releases January 2022

What if the conventional wisdom about career building was wrong? What if your twenties were not the right time to start and the typical trajectory of forty years was far too long? And what if instead of blindly following this well-known path, you structured your planning around life’s natural cycles and were able to experience much greater joy, excitement, and purpose?

The Principle of 18 by CEO and career coach Eyal Danon, releasing January 18, 2022, offers a groundbreaking alternative to standard advice that invites us all to step out of autopilot mode and structure our career and life’s journey around five consecutive 18-year phases:

  • The Dreamer, when we identify our dreams and flesh them out.
  • The Explorer, when we commit a quest for the one area we are most passionate about.
  • The Builder, when we focus intently on that chosen area.
  • The Mentor, when we guide younger generations.
  • The Giver, when we dedicate ourselves to a cause.

In The Principle of 18 readers will discover this approach, which is rooted in the mystical notions of good luck, success, prosperity and life attributed to the number 18 by many ancient traditions. Thanks to a detailed roadmap for each phase, you’ll learn how to maximize your joy and your potential, minimize your regrets, and become empowered to achieve extraordinary things.

Key points covered in the book include:

  • Why doubling down on your career at 36 will bring more meaning and success than trying to make it big in your 20s
  • Why you should dream big in your 20s, and how to figure out which of your dreams to pursue
  • There’s no such thing as a “lost decade” in career-building.
  • Concrete steps for eliminating “woulda shoulda couldas” and living life with no regrets.
  • Why you should not try to make serious money before age 36 – and what to do instead.
  • Why becoming a mentor is key to avoiding a midlife crisis.
  • How to choose which risks to take in your career
  • Why and how to keep striving after 72.
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