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Coming October 2021

The Principle of 18

Tired of feeling lost in the routine? Learn ways to get the most out of each of life’s stages and maximize your joy.

Staring down the brink of change and trying to stay big-picture centered? Worried about rushing through your days only to end up unfulfilled? Ready to turn off autopilot and refocus your energy? Columbia University-trained life coach and experienced consultant Eyal Danon has guided hundreds of clients toward fully realized personal and professional excellence. And now he’s here to share his by-the-generation approach to piecing together true fulfillment.

“The Principle of 18”Getting the Most Out of Every Stage of Your Life is a highly structured look at five distinct eighteen-year phases of existence and how to make the most of each. Through Danon’s methodology for every demanding leg on your mortal journey, you’ll finally have the freedom to flow into each era’s fascinating shift of focus. And by laying the groundwork for your future self along the way, you’ll always feel at peace knowing your pace is measured and meaningful.

In “The Principle of 18,” you’ll discover:

  • The privilege to dream with abandon and explore ever-inward on your own path of success
  • How to leverage your unique talents to build your own empire
  • Ways to pay it forward and find grace through guidance and giving
  • The cross-cultural mystical significance of the number eighteen
  • Powerful research, motivational anecdotes, and much, much more!

“The Principle of 18” is an enduring handbook for making the most of every new juncture. If you like forward-focused wisdom, exhilarating inspiration, and widening your perspective, then you’ll love Eyal Danon’s innovative self-help system.

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